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Find School Safety Resources provides resources, like guidance, training, and fact sheets, to help schools create and maintain a safe learning environment. 

For standards and guidance on submitting a resource to and to access the resource submission form, please see here.  

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Emergency Planning
School Transportation Security Programs

Department of Homeland Security

This program offers information on school bus security, including guidelines, assessments, and exercise support for school districts and transportation providers.

Emergency Planning
Be Safe and Sound in School (B3S)

Department of Justice, 2001

This program seeks to raise awareness of school safety and security issues and provide the tools and resources needed for schools to effectively address them.

Mental Health
Serving Safely

Department of Justice, May 2018

This program seeks to improve interactions between police and those affected by mental illnesses and developmental disabilities.

Mental Health
Police-Mental Health Collaboration Toolkit

Department of Justice

This tool provides resources for law enforcement agencies to partner with mental health providers to effectively respond to calls for service and improve outcomes for people with mental illness.

Mental Health
Addressing Mental Health Concerns in College

Department of Health and Human Services

This video, geared towards university officials and health professionals, addresses the topic of mental and substance use disorders among college students.

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