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Find resources and contacts from federal and local agencies in each state.

These state programs and contacts can be a resource to you as you build your school safety plan. The contacts are state emergency planners that can provide school safety expertise specific to each state.

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North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina has many agency programs and contacts that can help your school build a school safety plan. Check out these resources as you develop your plan.

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State Programs

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

State Board of Education

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction manages North Carolina's public schools and offers resources for students, families, educators, and schools. 


Center for Safer Schools

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's Center for Safer Schools serves to promote safe learning environments for North Carolina K-12 schools.


School Planning Section

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's School Planning section assists public schools, architects, and design teams in the planning and design of high quality school facilities that enhance education and provide lasting value to the children and citizens of North Carolina.


North Carolina Department of Public Safety

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety resources for school safety include risk management planning applications and tools for school officials, first responders, law enforcement, and emergency management.


Division of Emergency Management

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety's Division of Emergency Management offers guidance to help the public prepare for, recover from, and be more resilient to disasters and all-hazards.


State Action Plan for School Safety

The SAPSS is designed to coordinate North Carolina school safety efforts across state government and with communities and schools so that efforts are efficient and effective and undertaken with accountability and shared responsibility. 


North Carolina Justice Academy

North Carolina Department of Justice

The mission of the North Carolina Justice Academy is to enhance the careers of criminal justice officers through research, education, and training. 


Contact Information


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
3003 Chamblee Tucker Road
Atlanta, GA 30341
Main Number: 770-220-5200
Fax Number: 770-220-5230

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

7915 Microsoft Way
Charlotte, NC 28273
(704) 672-6100

Covers the entire state of North Carolina

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
61 Forsyth St. SW, Suite 5B95
Atlanta, GA


North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Primary) – 919-716-1111 / 888-624-7222

State Resources

State Specific
Emergency Planning
State Emergency Response Application

State Agency

The School Risk Management Plan application is a web-based, wizard-style tool that guides school officials, in concert with first responders, law enforcement and emergency management, through the creation of a digital school risk management plan.