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State Search Tool

Find resources and contacts from federal and local agencies in each state.

These state programs and contacts can be a resource to you as you build your school safety plan. The contacts are state emergency planners that can provide school safety expertise specific to each state.

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Maryland has many agency programs and contacts that can help your school build a school safety plan. Check out these resources as you develop your plan.

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State Programs
Contact Information

State Programs

State Department of Education

State Board of Education

The State Department of Education develops and implements standards and policy for education programs from pre-kindergarten through high school.


Emergency Planning For School Systems and Schools

State Department of Education

The Emergency Planning For School Systems and Schools page houses resources from the state of Maryland for schools to develop and implement emergency plans. 


Maryland School Survey

State Department of Education

The Maryland School Survey collects important information about relationships, engagement, the school environment, and safety. School leaders use results to learn about and improve the school community.  


Maryland Center for School Safety

Maryland State Government

The Maryland Center for School Safety provides grants, training, and support to public, non-public special education, and private schools throughout Maryland.


Emergency Preparation and Guidance

The Governor's Office of Homeland Security

The Emergency Preparation and Guidance program shares The Ready campaign with the people of Maryland.


Contact Information


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
615 Chestnut Street
One Independence Mall, Sixth Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19106-4404
Phone: (215) 931-5500

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

2600 Lord Baltimore Drive
Baltimore, MD 21244
(410) 265-8080
Covers the entire states of Maryland and Delaware

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Region 3
801 Market Street, Suite 8000
Philadelphia PA, 19107
Phone number:  215-861-4633


Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center (Primary) – 800-492-8477