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Safety Readiness Tool

Schools have different needs and considerations that determine how they address school safety. While there isn't a universal school safety plan, you can use the Safety Readiness Tool to get common actions that you should consider to create a safe school environment.

Identify the efforts you’re taking to address school safety by selecting the answer that best fits your school. After you complete the assessment, you’ll get a personalized action plan and next steps to consider. After implementing the options for consideration in your action plan, consider taking the assessment again in the future to see how your action plan evolves. Your responses will not be stored by

Question 1

Designated staff is an individual or group of individuals responsible for emergency management and effective implementation of safety and security policies, programs, directives, and training within their district or school. Safety or security departments are a group of people working together to fulfill this same purpose. All staff should have appropriate emergency management training and certifications from the Emergency Management Institute or other similar programs. 
Designated Staff

Does your district or school have a dedicated person who is responsible for coordinating and managing emergency preparedness, safety, and security?