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Information Sharing Community

Join our secure community and share school safety plans.

We’ve partnered with the Homeland Security Information Network to create a private, secure platform to share safety and security documents like emergency operations and active assailant plans.

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About the community is offering school safety staff a secure way to share safety plans called “Safety and Emergency Planning for Schools.” Our goal is to allow schools to share safety plans and information, compare policies, and learn from each other. Given the focused nature of this community, membership will be limited to individuals representing the following groups with a direct connection to school safety and/or school safety-specific roles and responsibilities:

  • State-level staff (e.g., state school safety centers/offices, state departments of education/instruction)
  • District-level school staff (e.g., superintendents, district administrators)
  • School-level school staff (e.g., principals, school administrators)
  • School Resource Officers, school emergency managers, and school safety planners
  • Local law enforcement

We restrict access to members from these groups only and vet new users to ensure that they are actively involved in school safety planning. In this community, you can securely view and share sensitive documents such as school safety plans, emergency operations plans, and other emergency preparedness documents.

Benefits of joining

You will be able to see what other schools are doing to improve safety. Review plans and policies, compare your plans, and then adapt the content to make it relevant to your school. The benefits of joining include:

  1. Get real world examples of emergency plans from other schools. If you are new to safety planning or just starting to build your safety plan, these resources will help.
  2. Already have an emergency plan? Improve the comprehensiveness of your plan by seeing ideas from other planners.
  3. Help make other schools safer by sharing a great plan with the community.
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