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Grants Finder Tool’s Grants Finder Tool helps you find applicable funding opportunities to help keep your school community safe. The tool features a variety of Federally available school safety-specific grants that you can navigate based on school safety topic, award amount, application level of effort, and more. As Federal agencies release school safety funding opportunities and grants throughout the year, the tool will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect these opportunities.

To get started, take the Grants Finder Tool Quiz to view a list of applicable grants based on your quiz selections. Available grant results will appear as you answer each question. Your results will narrow down as you proceed throughout the quiz to give you the most relevant grant opportunities for your school.

You can also explore all available grant opportunities in the Grants Library. Filter grants based on your needs or use the quick filter links to view grants in frequently searched for categories.

If you would like to receive updates on new school safety-related grant opportunities when they are available, please submit an email address where we can contact you.


I am looking for funding opportunities for the following school safety needs. (Select all that apply)
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Award Amount

School safety grants are available in varying amounts of funding. I am looking for funding opportunities in the following amounts. (Select all that apply)
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Question 2 of 7

Application Level of Effort

As a member of your school’s community, we know you’re busy! The application process for some school safety grants can be more time-consuming and complicated than others. Select the level of effort you’re interested in for completing the grant application.
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Question 3 of 7

Direct vs Pass-Through Grant

Some Federally available school safety grant programs allow schools and/or districts to apply directly for funding (direct grant). Other Federal grant programs provide funding that schools can only receive through another entity such as a state agency, local government, or other eligible organization (pass-through grant). I’m interested in viewing the following type of grant applications.
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Question 4 of 7


Some Federally available school safety grant programs can be used to support the role of specific members of the school community. I am looking for grant opportunities for the following intended users. (Select all that apply)
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Question 5 of 7


Prevention, protection and mitigation, and response and recovery are all key elements in creating and maintaining safe and supportive school environments. I’m interested in grants for the following actions when it comes to school safety threats, hazards, and risks. (Select all that apply)
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Question 6 of 7

Funding Agency currently houses grants available from the four Federal School Safety Clearinghouse agencies. I’m interested in finding grants available from the following Federal agencies. (Select all that apply)
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Thank you for completing the Grants Finder Tool quiz.

Review the eligible grants based on your selections below. You can also download your results.

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Other Federal Agencies
Level of Effort
Grants for Energy Improvements at Public School Facilities
Level of Effort

Deadline: This grant application window is currently closed. Please to receive email notifications for updates on grant opportunities.

Description: Provides funding to assist with infrastructural investments in key project areas to reduce utilities costs, improve energy performance, reduce carbon emissions, and create safer and healthier learning spaces for students and teachers.

Access Link:

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