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Defend against cybersecurity threats to your school.

All educational institutions are at risk of falling victim to a cyberattack, and in recent years, K-12 schools have been an increasingly frequent target. These attacks can impact a school’s ability to carry out its educational obligations, protect sensitive student and staff data, and provide a safe and secure learning environment for our nation’s youth. 

Our Nation’s students are also spending more time online than ever before, using technology to complete homework, communicate with peers, and engage with teachers and school staff. Our growing dependence on technology systems - coupled with emerging, evolving, and increasingly deceptive cyber threats – demands enhanced awareness and vigilance when it comes to our online world. It is important for schools, parents, and students to stay safe online by taking proactive steps to defend against risks and strengthen cyber safety and security both at home and within schools.

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The federal government identified additional resources that highlight strategies for school safety. Use these resources to learn more about cybersecurity.

The State of K-12 Cybersecurity: Year in Review - 2022 Annual Report

Third Party, 2022

This report provides information on cybersecurity incident trends in the U.S. K-12 public education sector based on data from the K-12 Cyber Incident Map. It focuses on publicly-disclosed incidents experienced by school districts and other public education agencies to provide insights into how K-12 cyber risk management practices are exploited and how they may best be remedied.
#StopRansomware Guide

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and Department of Justice, 2023

This guide serves as a one-stop resource to help organizations, including schools, reduce the risk of ransomware incidents through best practices to detect, prevent, respond, and recover, including step-by-step approaches to address potential attacks.
K-12 Digital Infrastructure Brief: Defensible & Resilient

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and Department of Education, 2023

This brief highlights cybersecurity recommendations and promising practices from states and districts across the country. It is designed to help schools build solutions for their own contexts, and offers examples from the field of those who faced challenges to connectivity, accessibility, cybersecurity, data privacy, and other infrastructure issues and designed solutions for their challenges.
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